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Welcome to Mr. Finney’s Tutoring Blog.  I hope you will find these entries helpful as you strive toward success in learning.  Parents of middle school and high school students may schedule tutoring sessions for your student by clicking here or on the link below and filling out the online form.  Please include your student’s name, school, course to be tutored, and required textbook.  Those of you enrolled in community college classes may use the same form.

I am a certificated teacher and award-winning author with twenty years classroom experience in both private and public schools.  During that time I taught every grade level from middle school to community college and most of the subjects in the social science curriculum, including United States History (grades 8 and 11), World History (grades 7 and 10), Economics and Government (grade 12), Geography (grade 9), and World Religions.  I served as faculty advisor for several student clubs and worked extensively with Spanish-speaking parents.

My services include test preparation (college preparatory classes as well as Advanced Placement tests in U.S. and European History), reading and study strategies, and help with homework and essay assignments.  Entries on this blog are sorted by topic in the “Entry Categories” menu (at top right on a desktop computer and at the bottom of the page on your smartphone).  I also post educational items of interest regularly on Instagram.

In addition to tutoring, I provide mentoring services for new teachers.  I served as master teacher for several student teachers over the years and hosted scores of observers from teaching credential programs.  Those of you completing your credential program, student teaching, or new to your own classroom (less than five years of experience) can sign up for mentoring by completing the tutoring contact form.  Please include any relevant details to your particular needs in the section marked “Additional Information.”

I entered the teaching profession in 1998 and earned my credential from the University of La Verne.  After seven years teaching in Bakersfield, California, I taught high school geography, history, government and economics for thirteen years in Orange County.  I also participated for many years in living history programs and presentations across the United States, in which I portrayed an artist correspondent for Harper’s Weekly and created a portfolio of more than 70 original charcoal and pencil sketches.

I believe in creative learning, focusing on interdisciplinary connections and grounding comprehension in reading and artistic expression.  My own academic background is in the field of American Studies and I served for many years as the social science teacher in an innovative Digital Arts and Humanities program.  Now I bring my experience and enthusiasm to one-on-one learning with my tutoring pupils and new teachers.

When I learned as an adult that Thomas Jefferson read up to fifteen hours a day, I was inspired to dust off my calligraphy skills from my years as a junior high school student in Virginia and create this poster.  It hung on the wall in my classroom for 18 years and was seen by thousands of students and adults.  I now share it with you:  read it, believe it and live it!

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