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Welcome to Mr. Finney’s History Blog.  I hope you will find these entries helpful as you make meaningful connections between past and present.

I am a certificated teacher and award-winning author with twenty years classroom experience in both private and public schools.  During that time I taught every grade level from middle school to community college and most of the subjects in the social science curriculum, including United States History (grades 8 and 11), World History (grades 7 and 10), Economics and Government (grade 12), Geography (grade 9), and World Religions.  I served as faculty advisor for several student clubs and worked extensively with Spanish-speaking parents.

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I entered the teaching profession in 1998 and earned my credential from the University of La Verne.  After seven years teaching in Bakersfield, California, I taught high school geography, history, government and economics for thirteen years in Orange County.  I also participated for many years in living history programs and presentations across the United States, in which I portrayed an artist correspondent for Harper’s Weekly and created a portfolio of more than 70 original charcoal and pencil sketches.

I believe in creative learning, focusing on interdisciplinary connections and grounding comprehension in reading and artistic expression.  My own academic background is in the field of American Studies and I served for many years as the social science teacher in an innovative Digital Arts and Humanities program. 

When I learned as an adult that Thomas Jefferson read up to fifteen hours a day, I was inspired to dust off my calligraphy skills from my years as a junior high school student in Virginia and create this poster.  It hung on the wall in my classroom for 18 years and was seen by thousands of students and adults.  I now share it with you:  read it, believe it and live it!

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